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Modern Headphones

Our Mixing and Mastering Packages

Once you have purchased your recording equipment the next step is to decide just how many songs you want us to produce. Click on the option below that best suits your needs. All mixing and mastering packages include a series of tutorial videos explaining how to record your tracks and send them to us. Additionally we offer unlimited free consultations to anyone who is interested in our mixing and mastering packages! Email us at to book one now!

Give The Gift Of Music

Want to purchase our packages as a gift? Give the gift of music to someone by sending them the confirmation E-mail you receive at checkout! All you need is the order number on the E-mail, quote it when submitting your tracks and we will provide the package paid for! (Tutorial video link included in confirmation E-mail)

Session Musicians Packages
Do you need a trained musician to help fill out your track? At Songplistic we have in house session musicians who can add to your music. If you are unable to play a certain instrument that you need or if you feel like there is something our musicians could add to your track that you cannot then this is for you. If you are sending us more than one song just select how many tracks you need our session musicians for at checkout and we will get in contact with you!

Making Music

Mixing and Mastering Marketplace

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