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Microphone Sound Editing


In order to make the most of The Songplistic Method you will need to pre-purchase some recording equipment. These are the items we recommend. Although this list is not exhaustive, we have arranged the equipment into relative packages in order of price with links for providers of each item. We are not sponsored by any manufacturers/retailers of the products below.

Music Equipment
Snowball Blue.jpg

This is the package we recommend to customers who are just starting out on their musical journey, and the quintessential package for budding podcasters. Minimalist and simple to use, the Blue Snowball Microphone plugs straight into the USB port on your computer. The Audio Technica ATH M20X Headphones are also great value for money, but if you really want to take the minimalist route you can just leave them out and use any headphones you have lying around the house (it will potentially make recording a little more difficult but The Songplistic Method should have you covered)

  • The Blue Snowball Retails For Around £54.99 On Amazon

  • The Audio Technica ATH M20X's Retail For Around £39 At GAK

Starter/Podcaster Pack~£55-£95

Blue Snowball Microphone +

Audio Technica ATH M20X Headphones

Music Equipment

Creator Pack~£189

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Pack

Scarlett Solo Studio.jpg

For those of you who want a value for money recording setup that will get you great results every time, the creator pack is for you. Featuring all the equipment you need for a recording suite that will fulfil all your musical tracking needs. This pack is recommended for creators who want to record multiple tracks using The Songplistic Method. Reliable and sturdy The Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Pack will allow you to begin your own Songplistic-friendly home studio.

  • The Focusrite Scarlett Solo Pack Retails For Around £189 At GAK

  • Focusrite sell second hand refurbished versions of their interfaces if you aren't too worried about getting brand new equipment.

Recording Studio
MXL 990.jpg
Scarlett Solo.jpg
DT 240 PRO.jpg

Innovator Pack~£266

MXL 990 Condenser Microphone + Focusrite Scarlett Solo + Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO Headphones + XLR Cable

The innovator pack is the exact equipment used to record Axiom, the debut album from Sloan and The First Gentlemen, the catalyst for The Songplistic Method. This pack has been tried and tested by Songplistic founder Ross Sloan and is the setup of choice for all of his recording projects. At the top end of the price range this is the pack for people who really want to get into recording and make the most of The Songplistic Method.  

  • The MXL 990 Condenser Microphone Retails For Around £99 At GigGear

  • The Focusrite Scarlett Solo Retails For Around £97 At GAK

  • The Beyerdynamin DT 240 Pro's Retail for Around £63 at Amazon

  • XLR Cables Can Be Found Easily Online and Retail for Around £7 at Amazon

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