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Playing Guitar

Our Mission

Songplistic's mission is to put musicians first. Our aim is to make the music and audio production industry affordable and inclusive for anyone and everyone. We are dedicated to fighting for musicians' rights through our competitive prices for audio production, fair pay at live shows, and our want to educate musicians and podcasters on every aspect of audio creation and production. We strive to create a movement by encouraging the convergence of existing artistic communities towards the greater benefit of all. We are not just a company, we are a movement poised at making sure you get the full credit and financial reward you deserve for your work and put control of the art back to the artist. 

What We Do

Songplistic is an online audio production company with a twist! When you create with The Songplistic Method we guide you through how to record your song or podcast. We then mix and master or edit your recordings to produce a professional quality product that you can share with the world. To find out more about what we do, click one of the tabs above to get an explanation of each aspect of Songplistic or fill in our contact sheet below to book a free consultation!

What Do We Offer At Songplistic?

Produce Your Recordings

Teach You To Record Your Own Audio

Editing, Mixing, Mastering and Distribution for Music and Podcasts

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Making Music

Click the button below to be taken to our portfolio, where you will find all of the projects we have been involved in!

Patterned Fabrics

Custom Merchandise


We have partnered with clothing brand Wee Small Ours to offer our customers custom merchandise using your artwork and logos! From t-shirts to mugs and badges head to our merch page to get your own!


Our Blog
Check out our blog for posts on all things audio from Songplistic, artists and industry professionals!

Music Equipments

Online Drum Studio

Wooden Drum Set

Online Drum Studio
Feel like you just can't beat real acoustic drums, but can't record them yourself? Well we have partnered with Online Drum Studio to make that possible for your tracks! Online Drum Studio specialise in bespoke drum recordings, where they add drums to the music you've created. Once you've recorded your song head to the Online Drum Studio website by clicking their logo and get yourself unreal sounding drums, then send us your tracks with Online Drum Studio's drums on them! 

Artists Featured On:
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Contact Us

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We offer free consultations to those wanting an explanation of our services so book one now!

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