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James Maxwell From Neon Hurricane: What Has Neon Hurricane Been Up To Since Lockdown?


Hey guys, James Maxwell here from Scottish band Neon Hurricane, a three piece alternative rock band, based in Glasgow!

As we all know lockdown has pretty much sucked! For us lockdown has been a struggle with restrictions, fighting to get into the studio to record our music, but even with these restrictions we have managed to work hard and do what we love, create rocking music! Our hard work during lockdown has definitely paid off, as I'm excited to say we have now secured a manager! Erick Droegmoeller of Word is Bond inc.

As restrictions lifted a little bit towards the end of 2020, we managed to get into the studio and get a few tracks recorded, which was a blast! We totally let our creative juices flow and we were completely blown away with what we came up with. I’d say it was probably the most challenging but most fun time we've had writing music, as ideas were bouncing around the room constantly, We had so many ideas!

We also have a tour planned out for July of this year, if restrictions ease as expected, and we can’t wait to showcase what we have been working so hard on, and to finally be able to see a live crowd again. We want to bring the noise like we know how to!

What else is next for Neon Hurricane? Well we have had decent interest from music labels from several different countries including Japan, the USA and the UK! We’ve also had air play on the radio in Australia, the USA, the UK and in other parts of Europe, as well as partnerships with huge companies such as Harley Davidson, Vocalzone, Firestone and many more!

We are really excited for what the post-lockdown world has in store for us as we get deeper into the music scene!

Bring on 2021!

James Maxwell of Neon Hurricane

Pictured Below: Neon Hurricane, from left to right: Chris Glynn (Bass and Vocals), Graeme Craig (Guitar and Vocals), James Maxwell (Drums)

Click Neon Hurricane's logo or band picture to be taken to their website and find out more about their music and what they are up to!

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