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Interview With Chris Glynn Of Neon Hurricane On Their New Single - Another Day, Another Dollar

This week Ross of Songplistic got together with Chris Glynn, Vocalist and Bass Player for Glasgow rockers Neon Hurricane to talk about their upcoming single titled Another Day, Another Dollar.

Ross: Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to talk to me about the new single. To start off can you tell me what the song's about?

Chris: No problem! "Another Day Another Dollar" is one of the best tracks we have put out yet, on every front. The backstory behind the song is simply a middle finger to the 9-5, taking some of its flavour from the incredible "sixteen tons" (Johnny Cash Track).

Ross: That's great! It's such an important discussion you guys have tapped into, especially considering the way that the concept of work is being looked at as a result of the current pandemic. How did you guys go about recording it and who produced the song?

Chris: Yea we thought so too! Recording is always a great process for us. With Covid it was done in several different studios then mixed and mastered by a member of the band who is fully qualified in sound engineering (it's a secret which member!). We have so many awesome instruments at play here including a cheeky violin!

Ross: Cool! I like that you guys are doing most of the production work in-house! That certainly reflects the DIY attitude that we try to promote here at Songplistic. So we had Neon Hurricane's drummer, James Maxwell, on the blog previously, but for those who may not have caught his post can you tell us a bit about who is in Neon Hurricane?

Chris: Sure! The band is a 3 piece with James Maxwell, who you mentioned, on drums, Graeme Craig on lead guitar/vocals and Chris Glynn on bass/vocals.

Ross: Alright! What else do you have coming up?

Chris: Coming up in 2021, in July we have 3 dates down in England (which will be announced shortly) that we hope to see you all at! Also, we have got a festival slot in August with recording in-between! So look forward to plenty more Neon Hurricane this year!

Ross: Awesome! I can't wait to get the chance to see you guys live again, and looking forward to what new music is coming our way! Now before I let you go, one last question. Can you give me a bit of insight into what influences Neon Hurricane?

Chris: Well we all have different influences, but there is one true factor always at play, which is classic rock! Additionally, weaved in, you could say there is a bit of Alter Bridge, Queen, Aerosmith and some others outside of that frame. All this helps us achieve the thundering sound that is Neon Hurricane! (or at least we like to think so!). The new song is now available on all major streaming platforms, thanks in advance everyone for listening, and many thanks for having us!

Check out Neon Hurricane's new single, Another Day, Another Dollar here:

Chris is the Vocalist and Bassist for Glasgow Rockers Neon Hurricane! Their Spotify page is littered with potential classics so be sure to give them a listen and follow them on social media!

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